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Industrial Water Treatment

We have maintained and improved several industrial water treatment plants with clients who are required to meet trade waste consent limits for their facilities along with construction sites who are discharging contaminated construction site run off.

These plants fall into several areas and often a combination:

pH Correction

Facilities which undertake Cleaning in Place (CIP) often have waste water with a pH above or below their discharge consent levels, as such some adjustment is required prior to discharge. These systems often need regular maintenance from instrument maintenance and calibrations through to monitoring of correction chemical levels. As local water authorities can often enforce large fines on facilities discharging outside of their consent levels it is important to ensure that these systems are operating correctly. We have many year of experience with optimising pH correction facilities to reduce chemical and running costs, if you have a pH correction plant or need such a plant then call us to discuss your needs.

Heavy Metal reduction

We have assisted clients over the years build and maintain plants to reduce heavy metal contaminants in their waste water to meet discharge consents. These same problems can also be present with some clients using ground or bore water to supply their facilities. The most common contaminants can include:

  • Iron – causing staining
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Chromium

Similar to water pH often heavy metal levels can form part of discharge consent conditions or can be a requirement for using the water for processing. Often metal levels can be difficult to reduce however we have experience in several processes that have proven to be cost effective and reliable for our clients.


We have experience in many different areas of water treatment in NZ and also in Australia, in many different areas of industry, if you are considering any of the following processes or have any of the applications listed below then please feel free to contact us.


Ardmore Plant

Ardmore PAC Dosing Plant


 Reverse Osmosis
 Laboratory water
 Hospital instrument washing water
 Laser cutter cooling water
 Critical Parts washing
 Ion Exchange Demineralisation
 HP Boiler Feed water
 Emissions control water
 Industrial processing requiring water with very low contaminant levels
 Hardness reduction
 LP Boiler feed water
 Low level iron removal
 Multimedia Filtration
 Greensand – Iron and manganese removal for drinking and industrial water.
 Sand – Turbidity reduction in pools, drinking water and industrial water.
 Ozone Injection
 Aquarium water disinfection
 Specialty industrial waste water contaminant oxidation.
 High volume solids removal such as construction site runoff.
 Pond dewatering / backwash waste dewatering
 Ultra Violet Disinfection
 Drinking water disinfection
 Swimming pool water disinfection and contaminant reduction

Aquarium Design

We have been involved in the design and maintenance of some of New Zealand’s large scale aquariums and enclosures.

The Auckland Zoo Sealion enclosure and the Wellington Zoo Hospital salt water pool are two facilities our staff have been involved with prior to them being built.


Auckland Zoo Sealion Enclosure



Wellington Zoo Hospital salt water pool



Hospitals and Laboratories

Hospitals and Laboratories

We have installed and maintained several Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems in Hospitals in Auckland, these have primarily been used for supplying water to Laboratories and instrument cleaning machines.

Common uses for RO water in Hospitals and Laboratories.•Water for analyser equipment referencing solutions.

  • Contaminant free cleaning water.
  • Water Supply for hospital instrument and equipment washers to reduce or eliminate scale build-up.
  • Boiler water for small scale hospital boilers.



What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) ?

Municipal Pool Water Services

Typically our large scale design projects are completed in autocad in 3D, this reduces the construction time on site and also reduces clashes with other services. As can be seen from some of the examples entire pool complexes can be modelled and checked prior to installation beginning on site.



Blenheim Pool

Blenheim Aquatic Centre



Dargaville Pool Design

Dargaville Aquatic Centre


Wharenui Pool

Wharenui Aquatic Centre

Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical dosing system alternate name chemical water treatment for cooling water, chemical water treatment for chilled water.

Chemical dosing system is widely applied in corrosion, scale inhibition, sterilization and algae removal of the circuiting water systems such as air-conditioning cooling water, chilled water, ice storage, etc.The chemical dosing system can also achieve the effect equivalent to the electronic descaling instrument.In the process of air conditioning circulating water and various purified water, the water quality always decides if the system can run efficiently for a long time.

Aquatic Filtration Systems

One of the most evident effects of a dirty swimming pool or hot tub filter is cloudy water. When the filter becomes clogged the pool water circulation decreases. Without the right water movement, more chemicals are used to maintain clear and enjoyable pool water. Eventually, even the extra chemicals will no longer effectively keep the water clean. As the pressure builds up inside the filter, the pool vacuum will also stop functioning.

Pure Water Treatment

Wherever your raw water comes from; Well, borehole, surface water, river water, sea water, recycled waste streams or potable water from the municipal supply, good pre-treatment is essential to protect your downstream processes and save costs.

Raw water often contains a wide range of water contaminants such as suspended solids, organics, hardness, heavy metals such as manganese, iron, lead and arsenic. All of which must be removed or reduced before introducing the water into your processes.

Water Features

Our Water Features will enhance and transform any home or outdoor space and range from contemporary stainless steel designs to the more traditional so you’re bound to find your ideal water feature here with us.

To make life easier, the majority of our water features are self-contained, easy to install and require very little maintenance. In fact, you could say, that the hardest part is deciding which to choose! Solar Water Features are now a very popular choice with our customers and use the natural power of the sun


H2O has been servicing many water features since it’s inception in 2007, we have also continued on to completing the detailed design and construction of water features throughout the country. If you have a water feature and would like to discuss the design and construction then call us.



Supreme Court Water Feature Design



St Patricks - 190x269

St Patricks Square Water Feature Design