Swimming Pool Service And Maintenance

OurĀ full time maintenance staff are very experienced in the construction and maintenance of Municipal swimming pool filtration plants, from chemical dosing and monitoring through to filter and equipment maintenance.

Typical maintenance work includes:

  • Assessing and adjusting pool water chemistry for optimum operation.
  • Calibrating and maintaining water quality monitoring equipment.
  • Pressure and Vacuum DE filter cleaning and repairs, please see our range of DE filter components in our Products section. Pool cleaning
  • Pump servicing and repairs
  • Replacing damaged or corroded equipment
  • Servicing water heating equipment.

Along with the typical maintenance works we have also helped many clients with optimising their plants, this may be as simple as installing Variable Speed Drives on their pumps to save power through to automating filters to ensure they operate correctly. With our in house engineering and process design experience we can offer our clients dependable advice on improvements to their plant and an insight into current standard and regulations in the industry.